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Stick Bag Packing Machine

Mar 15, 2021

Stick bag Packing Machine
Stick bag packaging machines are now used in many fields. In particular, single-use single product packaging is mostly made by stick packaging machines. Today, the disposable sugar packaging that we see on the restaurant table is the most popular multi-lane stick bag packaging machine product. There are also ketchup, mayonnaise or barbecue sauce provided by KFC, which are also products of the stick packaging machine.

What is a stick bag packaging machine? Since the products produced are elongated strips, these disposable packages are not much different from vertical large back seal packaging machines. The only difference with the vertical large back seal is that they can generate one package at a time in a single row, while the strip packaging machine can generate multiple strips at a time, and the packaging made is usually one-time use. Shanghai Bozhuo can produce 15 rows of strip packaging machines, which can produce up to 600 products in one minute. Using the multi-channel stick packaging machine, many kinds of products can be packaged in a short time, such as strips of salt or tomato sauce, mayonnaise, olive oil, coffee powder, and nutrient powder. The reason why it is so popular is that it is cheap, easy to use, easy to carry and to prevent waste. So many companies are keen to use strip packaging, so the use of such products is increasing.