Premade pouch fill & seal

Automatic horizontal form fill and seal machine integrates the forming, filling and sealing process into one system.Include BHD/BHS series model;this kind of machine can help to save about 30% film charge,It is suitable for the products with large annual output

BHD series model running with servo pulling system,running stable and speed fast,suitable for standard doypack bag/zipper doypack bag/spout doypack bag.usually for packaging food/beverage/pharmaceuticals/cosmetics/daily chemical product.....

BHS series model suitable for 3/4 side seal bag,twin-bag.usually for packaging food/beverage/tablet/seasoning powder....

BHP-210D Chestnut Packing Machine

BHP-210M Dried Fruit Packing Machine

BHP-210Z Biscuits Packing Machine

BHP-210Z Salt Zipper Pouch Packing Machine