Vertical form fill & seal

Automatic vertical form fill and seal machine integrates the forming, filling and sealing process into one system.include BVS/BVL series model.

BVS series model suitable for stick bag,machine with high speed/high accuracy function,according to customer speed need and bag width,we can provide 1/2/4/6/8...lanes model.usually for packaging beverage/food/cosmetics.....

BVL series model suitable for pillow bag,machine running with servo pulling system.with beautiful bag appearance/high accuracy.usually for packaging food/beverage......

BVS 8 Lines Stick Bag Packing Machine

BVS2-220 2 Lines Stick Bag Packing Machine

BVS4-480 4 Lines Powder Packing Machine

BVS6-480 granule stick bag packing machine