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Food Packaging Machinery Is Developing Towards High Efficiency And Low Energy Consumption


Packaging machinery can not only improve productivity, reduce labor intensity, but also adapt to the needs of large-scale production and meet the requirements of sanitation, making packaging machinery an indispensable position in the field of food processing. At the end of the 1970s, China’s packaging machinery industry started, with an annual output value of only 70 to 80 million yuan and only 100 kinds of products.

Nowadays, the packaging machinery industry in China can no longer be compared with that in the same day. China has become the world’s largest commodity production and export country. At the same time, the global vision is also focused on the rapidly developing, large-scale and potential Chinese packaging market. The greater the opportunity is, the stronger the competition is. Although the product level of China’s packaging machinery industry has reached a new level, the trend of large-scale, complete set and automation has begun to appear, and equipment with complex transmission and high technology content has also begun to appear. It can be said that China’s machinery production has met the basic domestic demand and started to export to Southeast Asia and the third world countries.

However, in order to meet the needs of the market, China’s packaging machinery industry has also come to a crossroads, and the transformation and adjustment of the packaging machinery industry has become a problem that must be considered. It is a general trend to develop in the direction of high speed, multi-function and intelligence, to move towards a sophisticated road, to catch up with the steps of developed countries, and to go global.

China’s food packaging machinery is developing towards high efficiency and low energy consumption

The packaging machinery industry in China has shown a strong momentum of development, and manufacturers are increasingly paying attention to the development of fast and low-cost packaging equipment. The equipment is developing in the direction of small, flexible, multi-purpose and high efficiency. In addition, with the development plan of China’s food machinery industry through constant imitation and introduction of technology, it will continue to bring us strong market effects, and the development will also greatly increase its potential, maintaining a normal speed to our market. As far as the present development of food machinery industry is concerned, there is still a big gap. Although there has been a great improvement, * it is mainly a big gap in technology. Now people are pursuing the first place of development, and will continue to give us access to more potential fashion food machinery.

The booming food machinery industry has stimulated the market’s strong demand for food machinery, which is a big step for the development of China’s food machinery, realizing its supply and demand, and will continue to provide us with good business opportunities. At the time of social development, China’s food machinery development has reached the initial supply stage, which is our initial performance! Just like our peach cake machine, innovation and development have reached the initial international standard, which is our demand!

In recent years, the market demand of the domestic food machinery industry has gradually turned to medium and high-end food machinery. In the case of slow growth in the total market, the market share of high-precision and intelligent food machinery has increased. The proportion of high-end food machinery in the total consumption of food machinery has risen to more than 60%. Food machinery is developing in the direction of high-speed, precision, intelligence, efficiency and green. However, relatively domestic high-end food machinery mainly depends on imports, and the market share of domestic brands is still relatively low. It can be said that high-precision and intelligent food machinery will be the development trend of the industry.

Food packaging machinery needs to be high-end

At present, the development of China’s food machinery industry has made certain achievements and continues to maintain a steady development. On the contrary, the development of domestic food machinery still faces some restrictive factors. From the perspective of the development of the entire industry and market demand, backward technology, outdated equipment, etc. are constraining the development of enterprises. Many food machinery enterprises are trying to replace products, but many are only improving on the basis of the original equipment, which can be said to be no change of soup, no innovation and development, and lack of high-end technology applications.

In fact, the field of high-end food machinery is currently the pain of the development of domestic food machinery industry. In the process of automation transformation, a huge market of food machinery industry has been created. However, high-end products that absolutely represent the strength of food machinery with high profits have been occupied by foreign countries. Now Germany, the United States and Japan are vigorously competing for the Chinese market.

At present, the products promoted by food machinery enterprises are characterized by labor saving, more intelligence, convenient operation, increased productivity and more stable products.

Food packaging machinery needs to develop towards high efficiency and low energy consumption

In the past 20 or 30 years, although the appearance of mechanical equipment has not changed much, in fact, its functions have increased a lot, making it more intelligent and controllable. Take the continuous fryer as an example. Through technical transformation, the products produced by this product are not only more uniform in quality, but also slower in oil deterioration. Intelligent operation does not require manual mixing as traditional, which saves both labor and fuel costs for enterprises. The annual cost saved reaches 20% “The company’s packaging equipment has achieved intelligence. A machine can only be operated by one person. Compared with the previous similar equipment, it saves 8 labor. In addition, the equipment is equipped with an air conditioner, which overcomes the defect of the product deformation caused by the high temperature of similar equipment, and the packaged product is more beautiful.

In recent years, domestic food machinery enterprises have made great progress in technology upgrading, patent standards and brand building for development and innovation. The research and development achievements of many powerful enterprises in the industry have already begun to change the embarrassing situation that food machinery enterprises can only take the low-end international route. But on the whole, it is unrealistic for Chinese food machinery enterprises to surpass the United States in the next decade at least.

The domestic food machinery industry is growing rapidly. Further optimizing the production capacity structure and promoting the development of high-end food machinery equipment will become the key objectives of the next stage of industry development. Further improving industry concentration, optimizing the production capacity structure, and improving the R&D and production capacity of high-end food machinery will become the basic requirements for achieving the goal of becoming a powerful food machinery country. Technology, capital and global procurement have made the manufacturing level of packaging machinery develop rapidly. It is believed that China’s packaging machinery industry, which has unlimited potential, will shine brightly on the international stage.